Neil Dymott Hudson has over 40 years of experience in defending trucking and transportation companies and their employees in a variety of legal matters. We have represented numerous major interstate and intrastate carriers in both state and federal courts. The firm has successfully defended against wrongful death and other personal injury actions arising from highway collisions involving multiple vehicles. We have also successfully represented both public and private common carriers of passengers on light rail trains and buses in a broad range of claims and suits.

Motor carriers are subject to federal and state carrier regulations administered by the U.S. and California departments of transportation.Neil Dymott Hudson attorneys have an intimate working knowledge of the voluminous federal and state regulations and have a range of experienced experts available for case assistance. Our attorneys are experienced in handling on-scene investigations, investigating injury claims, and handling serious injury and wrongful death cases. The firm’s experience includes litigation of trucking accidents ranging from soft tissue to catastrophic injuries.

Over the years,Neil Dymott Hudson has had the opportunity to represent many types of transportation companies. We understand that timely responses and accurate liability assessments are vital in transportation accidents. Our attorneys and network of consultants are always ready to assist individuals and/or companies in need by providing professional guidance following a major collision.

Nationally recognized as a leader in insurance litigation by the insurance industry,Neil Dymott Hudson also provides insurance defense services to several transportation insurance providers in both the liability and cargo arena.