As a natural extension of the firm’s considerable bench and jury trial experience, the attorneys of Neil Dymott Hudson have developed an extensive, multi-faceted administrative law practice. Neil Dymott Hudson attorneys frequently defend clients in administrative reviewsmedical board hearingsnursing board hearings and enforcement proceedings involving governmental agencies, and administrative courts. We provide expertise in administrative dispute resolution, litigation and appeals, mediation of administrative contested cases, and the defense of professional licensing board matters. We have also defended claims related to occupational safety and workers' compensation in both state and federal agency hearings.

Neil Dymott Hudson attorneys are mindful of the expanding interaction between government, business, and the professions. State and local governments are increasingly asserting greater authority and supervision over private business and consumer transactions. We recognize the impact that regulatory agencies can have on a business or professional when non-compliance and disciplinary accusations are initiated. We strive to create the most efficient and effective strategy to identify the key issues and to provide for a successful resolution within the administrative forum. While each matter involves unique elements and calls for a particularized strategy, we generally seek to achieve alternative solutions to save clients the expense and to avoid the uncertainty that can accompany protracted litigation.

We at Neil Dymott Hudson are proud to have successfully represented clients before a variety of governmental agencies including:

The relationship between government and business is complex. Employing competent counsel in the regulatory environment can be crucial to a business or professional’s economic survival. By putting Neil Dymott Hudson on your “team” you will gain the benefit of our exceptional experience, skills and judgment when confronting the unique challenges presented in the hazardous arena of administrative law.