Neil Dymott Hudson, APLC is a southern California based law firm established in 1964.  Led by Michael I. Neil, Neil Dymott Hudson is committed to providing successful, efficient and client tailored results both in and out of the court room.  It’s mission is to protect, defend, and reward the good practice of its clients.

To understand how Neil Dymott Hudson does this, you must know Michael I. Neil.  Mr. Neil joined the United States Marine Corps in 1965 and received the Purple Heart and the Navy Cross (our nation’s second highest combat service medal) as a result of combat action while serving as a Platoon Commander in Vietnam.  Mr. Neil ultimately attained the rank of Brigadier General and assumed command of Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton for nine months during Operation Desert Shield.

When not on active duty, Mr. Neil embarked on his career as a trial lawyer and built a firm, like his military career, that demands honesty, integrity, and accountability from colleagues, clients, and opponents alike. Neil Dymott Hudson employs zealous trial attorneys, litigators, and transactional attorneys that above all, confidently, aggressively and competently protect their clients’ interests.

Led by a team of senior shareholders and seasoned associates ,Neil Dymott Hudson tailors each case to every client, ranging from quick resolutions to complex jury trials.  Its attorneys bring exceptional experience, having first chaired more than 375 jury trials, completed hundreds of 100 binding arbitrations and over 85 appeals. Neil Dymott Hudson attorneys’ backgrounds are diverse—including medicine, business, and military— and bring exceptional skills to the table to assist clients in navigating unfamiliar waters.

Neil Dymott Hudson is a name respected locally and nationwide and is the only San Diego firm with two members (one also being a past-president) in the Federation of Corporate and Defense Counsel (an invitation-only international organization with members specializing in defense litigation).  It is home to three of the San Diego Defense Lawyer’s thirty past presidents, and is one of only two firms in San Diego to have a past President of the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel.  A testament to its ability to cultivate top talent, two of its attorneys have been inducted into the America College of Trial Lawyers, which allows only 1% of attorneys in any state.

Neil Dymott Hudson was named by US News & World Report as  a “Best Law Firm” in 2020.  Firms included in the 2020 "Best Law Firms” list are recognized for professional excellence with persistently impressive ratings from clients and peers.  Offering a breadth of experience and versatility ,Neil Dymott Hudson has remained a staple of the community for over 60 years and continues to provide its clients with dedicated service and superior results.