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In today's dynamic health care environment the excessive competition and increasing regulatory complexity can mean more time and effort spent away from patients. Health care providers must pay additional attention to ensure efficient delivery of health care services - without sacrificing quality or compliance. The attorneys at Neil Dymott appreciate the unique issues faced by the health care industry and emphasize preventive measures to help our clients reduce the risk of litigation.

Representative clients include independent practice associations, physician groups, nursing homes, provider organizations such as hospitals, HMO’s, health care organizations and individual providers including, physicians, dentists, oral surgeons, chiropractors and health care staff.
Neil Dymott attorneys also devote a substantial portion of their practice to health law issues. We constantly monitor government regulations, legislation and trends to provide the following consulting services to our clients:

Health Law Litigation

Peer review, medical staff credentialing, medical practice ownership disputes, physician discipline before the Board of Medical Examiners, physician referral laws, provider-payor managed care disputes, Medicare/Medicaid regulation disputes, employer-sponsored plan coverage disputes.

Healthcare Entity Formation & Management

Sales/purchase contracts, leases, license agreements, strategic planning, LLCs, partnerships, corporations, joint ventures, buy-in and buy-out agreements, business contracts and equipment leases.

Healthcare Regulations

Fraud and abuse compliance and investigations, accreditation, compliance with Medicare and Medicaid laws, Patient’s rights, EMTALA policies and compliance, physician and hospital reimbursement and payment issues, licensure, health and safety precautions.


Recruitment agreements, medical director agreements, employment termination advice and litigation, OSHA compliance, ERISA, union organizing response advice and Employee Benefits.


Health Plans

Development of self-insured health benefit networks, Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliance and HMOs.


Board policies and procedures, forensic review of payment practices, voluntary returns of overpayments, Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) analysis and implementation, ethics committees and risk management.

Managed Care

Provider contracts, provider network compliance and development of provider networks for managed care organizations.

For more information about our healthcare practice, please see our list of attorneys in this practice area.

Recent Success

Successful Defense of Plastic Surgeon in California Medical Board Hearing 8/2/2021
Arbitration Defense Verdict on Behalf of San Diego Surgeon 7/24/2019
Defense Verdict on Behalf of Bariatric Surgeon 7/24/2019
Jury Find in Favor of Pediatrician in Case Involving Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Leading to Spinal Fusion 10/21/2018
Jury Finds in Favor of Hand Surgeon and Rejects Patient’s Claims of Malpractice Leading to Ray Amputation 8/24/2018
Jury Finds Obstetrician-Gynecologist Adequately Screened For and Did Not Delay in Diagnosing Patient’s Rare, Aggressive Breast Cancer 2/13/2018
Successful Defense of Pulmonologist Against Claims Of Failure To Diagnose Lung Cancer 11/14/2017
Summary Judgment Granted for Surgeon who Emergently Repaired a Perforated Esophagus 8/17/2017
Successful Defense of Oral Surgeon 2/17/2017
Successful Defense Of Orthopedic Surgeon Against Claims Total Hip Replacement Surgery Caused Sciatic Nerve Injury 2/16/2017
Successful Defense Of Urogynecologist Against Claims Suburethral Sling Surgery Caused Nerve Injury 2/16/2017
Clark Hudson Successfully Defends Medical Clinic, Physician and Nurse Practitioner in Malpractice Suit 6/9/2016
Successful Defense of Oral Surgeon Against Claims Wisdom Tooth Extraction Caused Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection 5/15/2016
Jury Disagrees With Plaintiff’s Allegation Electrophysiologist Placed Unnecessary Pacemaker 3/21/2016
Defense Verdict for Orthopedic Surgeon in Under an Hour 5/5/2015
California Nursing Board Dismisses Complaint Against Nurse Practitioner 4/28/2015
Unopposed Motion for Summary Judgment Can Forfeit Rights on Appeal 2/27/2015
Negligence Per Se Does Not Create a Presumption of No Triable Issues on Summary Judgment 2/24/2015
Summary Judgment Granted for Cosmetic Laser Clinic and the Physician and Nurse Who Provided IPL Laser Treatment 2/5/2015
Robert Frank Saves Family Practitioner's License 2/3/2015

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