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Class Action


Class action lawsuits can be damaging to any business and can even pose a threat to a company’s survival.  Due to the complexities of class action and mass tort claims, the need for a carefully planned defense strategy is essential in avoiding potential damaging litigation.

Our team of highly skilled litigators understands how costly and time consuming class action litigation can be to a business. The attorneys at Neil Dymott work diligently to defeat class certification in motion practice and settlement negotiations, thereby reducing potential exposure on a case from a multi-million-dollar action to a negligible amount. Alternatively, if our client agrees trial is the best approach, our firm is nationally recognized as one of the leading trial firms in Southern California.

In defending a class action a broad range of expertise is essential, not just in litigation, but in the complexities and procedures in class action cases. The attorneys at Neil Dymott defending class action clients, have experience in a wide range of practice areas.

We have an established track record of defending class action allegations and litigation with strategic, aggressive and practical litigation strategies

Since 1964, Neil Dymott’s focus has always been on civility, professionalism and integrity, in and outside of the courtroom. Our goal is to establish long lasting relationships with our clients, not just for the duration of a case, but for years to come. We work closely with each and every client to provide the best legal representation possible.

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