Archive - 2006

Archive - 2006

December 17th

Worker's Compensation is Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

The worker’s compensation system has come under attack in recent years. Despite the criticism, worker’s compensation can present a defense to litigation, but it can also impose significant obstacles to defending a claim.

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October 31st

Apologize...or Not?

By Clark R. Hudson

Not infrequently doctors are faced with situations where a patient has experienced an adverse outcome or event. How should the doctor approach this situation? Is saying “I’m sorry” the equivalent of saying “I’m at fault” in the State of California? The simple answer is no.

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October 15th

The Policy Of "The Customer Is Always Right" Does Not Extend To Sexual Harassment

All employers realize they must provide a workplace free of sexual harassment. The employer could only be liable when the sexual harassment was committed by a supervisor or co-worker.

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September 18th

Neil Dymott Attorney Named 2007 Best Lawyer in America

Neil, Dymott, Frank, Harrison & McFall is pleased to announce that Michael I. Neil was selected to be included in the 2007 edition of The Best Lawyers in America® (Copyright 2006 by Woodward/White, Inc., of Aiken, S.C.). Mr. Neil is in the distinguished group of attorneys that has been included in the guide for at least 20 years. The 2007 edition is the 13th edition of The Best Lawyers in America. Best Lawyers has come to be regarded by both the legal profession and the public as the definitive guide to legal excellence in the United States.

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September 17th

August 20th

Discharged - Employees May Be Coming Back for More

Consider the following scenario: A California company hires a model for a single day of work. They agree on a daily wage of $500. Once the day is over and the job finished, the model is released and presumably returns to her regular job. The Company doesn’t pay the model the $500 for 2 months. The result? The company may ultimately pay over $15,000 in wage penalties for the latepayment and attorney fees.

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July 19th

Neil Dymott Attorneys Named Insurance Finalists

Neil Dymott congratulates Michael Neil, Robert Frank and Clark Hudson as three of "San Diego County's Top Insurance Finalists" for 2006 by the San Diego Daily Transcript

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July 16th

Recommendation: Accommodation, An Employer Approach to Disability Discrimination

As an employer, workplace injuries, medical concerns, and employee disabilities present complicated issues which can expose an employer to discrimination-based liability. While legal considerations in such situations are indeed c omplex, this article will provide a general guideline to navigate the various issues an employer may encounter in an employee disability situation.

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June 30th

Pain Relief for Chronic Pain Management

How Painful Can Chronic Pain Management Be for Physicians?

When on the receiving end of a Medical Board investigation orpatient lawsuit over pain management,the palliative remedy of lawyer assistance through the proceeding offers little true relieffor the physician’s “pain.”Successful management of patientchronic pain conditions involves good patient history/screening,continuity of care and careful documentation.Documentation is the best prophylaxis against Medical Board investigations and civil lawsuits.

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June 18th

You Can't Go to Work Looking Like That! Can You?

A Look at Employer Dress Codes and Grooming Standards

Today’s business environment is replete with varying degrees of employee individuality. Employees come in all shapes and sizes, and dress in all styles and manners. However, the employee does not have unlimited discretion to dress any way they want to. The key words to remember when evaluating and creating employee dress code standards are: Be Reasonable!

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