By Hugh A. McCabe & Matthew R. Souther Beginning October 1, 2008, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will implement the Clean Trucks Program (“CTP”). It is a collective effort by both Ports as part of the San Pedro Bay Ports’ Clean Air Action Plan. The goal of the CTP is to reduce port related truck pollution by an estimated 80 percent.
By Hugh A. McCabe Proper screening and hiring of qualified drivers is imperative in minimizing liability to Trucking companies. Federal law regulates motor carriers’ hiring practices and imposes strict record-keeping requirements. Understanding federal hiring practice requirements and maintaining complete and current files will help motor carriers limit liability in lawsuits arising from driver error.
By Jason E. Gallegos
An employer who has to terminate an employee or make a reduction of their workforce must make these decisions with a plan of action and take measured steps to assure their business is protected from wrongful termination liability. When presented with these situations it is astonishing how many employers are ill prepared. All too often employers provide terminated employees with severance pay, bonuses or other valuable financial incentives but do not require the employee to review and sign a...
A transportation company subcontracts to XYZ Freight to haul widgets. XYZ Freight, in turn, contracts with a driver to transport the widgets from San Diego to Redding, CA. While en route, a cotter pin on the braking mechanism fails, causing a multiple car collision near Gilroy, CA. The drivers involved in the accident sue the truck manufacturer under a theory of strict liability for brake failure cause by a manufacturing defect.
Many people do not understand the federal estate tax. Many people are also confused as to whether the executor of his/her estate will be required to pay estate tax. Proper estate planning can help eliminate and/or reduce the amount of estate tax that may become due upon your death.
By David P. Burke
Many small businesses begin as a sole proprietorship or a partnership between friends or business associates. It is usually an easier way to get a business up and running. Yet as your business grows: incurring debt, acquiring assets, taking on employees and an increased potential for liability, a business owner should give serious consideration to incorporating. Incorporating your business can provide certain advantages and protections such as limited liability, tax advantages, easier...